Guitar Hero III

Guitar Hero III 1.31

Compete against friends or rock icons in a guitar show off
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Hone your guitar skills and try to play some of the best songs rock songs in the world including "Rock you like a Hurricane" or Metallica's "One". Match the chords with what's displayed on the screen and get the right timing if you want a big score.

Guitar Hero 3 is an awesome party game that was released for most platforms. If you buy the game guitar bundle, you will get a wireless guitar that you can use to play the game. The goal of the game is to play the songs that are featured on the game with your guitar. That is achieved by hitting notes when they appear on screen. If you miss way too many notes, you will lose and will have to try again. There are several difficulty levels. Anyone can jam in beginner, but fire up the difficulty, and you will definitely face a great challenge. The great thing about the Guitar Hero franchise is the quality of the songs included. Of course, Rock Band, its closest competitor is great too, and they even let you sing and play the drums. But Guitar Hero is where this genre was born. There are more than 70 incredibly loud songs that you can play. You can even play on-line against any of your friends, or you can play offline just to improve your skills. There are also add-ins that you can download to add your own songs. The game is really addictive, too.

José Fernández
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